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It’s a Bad Weekend to Be a Blogger

Or anything that is not a gamer, actually.

Thwarted by Bureaucracy

Gather round children, and hear my tail of Yuletide anguish. Fine. Be that way, but I’m going to keep talking while you pretend not to listen. Ahem… As we all know, Christmas is a contest. When people say, “‘Tis better…
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Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

Anyone who keeps up with this blog knows my feelings about the way bookstores are being run. Time has not changed my opinion on the matter. However, it occurs to me that there are so many more ways to obtain…
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Do Not Take Your Six-Year-Old to See a PG-13 Movie

I went to see Marvel’s Doctor Strange this weekend. I have been severely looking forward to this movie, ever since I saw The Avengers and realized that more Marvel superhero movies were bound to get greenlighted. For reference, Dr. Strange is my second favorite…
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The Importance of Taking Vacations

Why yes, it is very important to take vacations. Very important indeed. Yes, I think I should go to great lengths here, for everyone’s sake, to extol the importance of taking vacations. Why, yes. Indeed. As a matter of course.…
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On the Coming Extinction of Comcast

I did say, in an earlier post that this blog would be about many different kinds of things, not just writing. And it goes without saying that, apart from being a writer, I am also a consumer. Like you, I…
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