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Netflixing: The Little Prince

The Little Disappointment.

Neflixing: Hot Fuzz

It takes a quaint English village to raise a cop.

Netflixing: The Boxtrolls

It takes a lot of great talent to make a bad movie.

Hooked on a Feeling: Inspiration

It’s a sacrificial rite for writers.

Where have all the Cowboys Gone?

I am reminded of a quote by Jack Handey: Quotes like these remind us why he is our nation’s greatest quote-laureate. But apart from that: cowboys. Or, more specifically, westerns. Today, they are little more than a curiosity. Oh, people…
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Let’s Drop What We Were Doing and Talk about Captain America: Civil War

Well, I watched Captain America: Civil War last saturday. So instead of blogging about whatever I was going to blog about, I am going to blog about that. No spoilers. I promise Mr. Devil’s Advocate: “I promise nothing.” In which case, I…
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Getting Ready

Short post this week. I have been thinking more about how one could theoretically automate the process of writing a book. A Model Based on 3D Exploration Computer graphics has become an increasingly important field in software engineering. And it…
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Mr. Devil’s Advocate Sets the Record Straight

Hi there, Mr. Devil’s Advocate here. Now, I understand that all of you have been spoon fed some rather flamboyant opinions lately. Since I am in the business of keeping extreme ideas in check, I thought I should take this…
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How I Knew Zootopia was Going to be a Good Movie

This is not a review of Zootopia. And before you get the wrong idea, let me reiterate: this is not a review of Zootopia. I don’t really do a lot of movie reviews on this blog, except in those cases where examining a…
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Why Superman Returns is the Best Superman Movie

Ahem… It’s time to talk about Superman. Boy, hasn’t he been having a rough time lately? True, there have always been complications surrounding him. I pity the poor comic book writers who are tasked with creating new stories for him.…
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