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Monthly Archive: December 2016

Netflixing: Justice League

Zack Snyder ain’t touching this one.

Netflixing: Batman: The Movie

“Holy stilted dialogue, Batman.”

Hooked on a Feeling: Anger

I have not been saving the best for last. I have not been holding anything back. The feeling I will be presenting today is not the most powerful, or the most profitable, or the most beneficial to your success as…
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Netflixing: Archer

It’s like a Bond movie that doesn’t skip the hangover scenes.

Thwarted by Bureaucracy

Gather round children, and hear my tail of Yuletide anguish. Fine. Be that way, but I’m going to keep talking while you pretend not to listen. Ahem… As we all know, Christmas is a contest. When people say, “‘Tis better…
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That First Line

It should encompass the entire work. It should entice and mystify. Ideally, it should be the strongest statement in whatever you’re writing. That cruel mistress, that labor of love which can make or break an entire book. There is a…
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