Where to Find Advent 9

My first book’s release date is coming up fast. I hardly know how to prepare.

But I do know how you can prepare, and that’s by preordering. No need to wait until October 19th. You can arrange for the book to land on your device the moment it becomes public.

Thankfully, I have a rather large distribution for both the ebook and audiobook. You should be able to find them at all major online retailers by release day. I will eventually have a dedicated landing page with directions on where you can buy the book, but for now, I’m going to give a snapshot list here.

Where to Find the eBook

The ebook is currently available at the five largest ebook retailers. If there is demand for other distributors, I will consider it, but the current coverage easily handles 99% of the market.

You can buy the ebook of Advent 9 at the following places (with links):

This is an international English release. You should be able to acquire the book regardless of what country you’re in.

Where to Find the Audiobook

The voice of a thousand books, Michael Kramer, contributed his talents to this audiobook, and he did a fantastic job. For people who like to listen to books while jogging or driving, this is an option you don’t want to miss.

The audio distribution of Advent 9 is being handled by Findaway Voices, an aggregator. As such, the audiobook will be distributed to more retailers than you can possibly imagine. But only a few have the book currently listed. Others are still waiting for final approval. I will make as complete a list (with links) as I can here.

You can buy the audiobook of Advent 9 at the following places:

The book is also coming to Spotify, but I don’t have a Spotify membership so I can’t search their database to see if Advent 9 is listed there yet.

Where to Find the Trade Paperback Book

As part of the Kickstarter, we offered a trade paperback version of the book as a reward. But the Kickstarter failed, so Advent 9 will not be widely available in paperback.

I did, however, order a small print run of trade paperback books (only 55 copies). These were reserved as gifts for people who contributed to the book, people who could help promote the book, reviewers, publishers, and a few select others.

And it turns out that I do have a few extra copies.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for me to get a paperback copy to everybody who wants one. Shipping is unjustifiably expensive. And I can’t do any more print orders unless some fantastic incentive were to present itself. I simply do not have the resources to warehouse and ship books all over the country (much less the world) forever and ever.

And putting physical copies in bookstores is not realistic at this time, either.

However, I am a frequent conference attender. And you can bet that at any conference where I can be found, I will have a few physical copies for anyone who is interested (until I run out).

And if you have some kind of special circumstance, then I may be inclined to hear you out. The easiest way to contact me is on Twitter: @TAlanHorne.

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