Current Expansion Plans for Advent 9

My book’s release is finally fully underway, with the addition of the audiobook to Audible and Applebooks, I can now begin the marketing campaign in earnest.

Sales are dripping in on Amazon, and I haven’t got the full numbers from all other platforms yet. But here are a few things to look forward to for everyone who has experienced or is interested in Advent 9.

Bringing Paperback Copies to the Masses

An electronic printer’s file for creating paperbacks was created for Advent 9, alongside the ePub and mp3 versions used for the ebook and audiobook.

This file was used to create a limited batch of paperbacks, mostly given to people who helped contribute to the book’s release. Some were held onto for reviewers, but most reviewers these days take ePub as their format of choice. Que sera, sera.

But the popularity of paperbacks has led me to wonder if there is a way to offer an Advent 9 paperback for purchase online. Previously, I had rejected this idea, since I do not have the warehouse space or the shipping infrastructure to send copies all over the place.

Now, Amazon does have the option to print-on-demand an ebook to create a makeshift paperback. But I have rejected this idea wholesale, as the conversion is spotty, and the last thing I want to do is offer a shoddy product, especially since the limited run batch of true paperbacks turned out so nicely.

I really would prefer to offer the true paperbacks, formatted specifically for paperback, as a purchaseable option.

And I may have found a solution. Amazon sellers have the option of storing their physical goods at an Amazon warehouse. Amazon’s shipping infrastructure takes care of the rest. I can print another batch of physical copies and have them distributed through Amazon. This is my current plan.

It may take a few months, however.

Advent 9 is Showing Up Everywhere!

My recent full-page ad in Publishers Weekly has drawn some attention, but perhaps my most successful partnership has been with YouTube channel Clownfish TV.

This channel regularly comments on pop culture, and the owners are authors themselves who write young adult fantasy. They released ads for Advent 9 coinciding with the book’s launch. And I was extremely grateful for their help.

I had reached out to several other YouTube channels, but Clownfish is the only one who answered the call. For this, they have my gratitude. And you can see the episodes that featured my ads:

There will be more promotions, tie-ins, and maybe a few surprise announcements forthcoming. Don’t miss them!

Selling in Bookstores?

Independent publishing has come a long way. Perhaps the biggest development is that it is now possible to sell these books in bookstores, through certain partnerships that I am still exploring.

Honestly, I can’t promise anything at this point. And I would like to sell Advent 9 over the counter all over the world, this is something I know little about. I didn’t even realize it was possible to get an indie book in bookstores. We’ll have to see where this leads.

A special thanks to everyone who has supported me this far. I will let you know about any important updates as soon as I lock them down.

Thank you!

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