Fan Art Friday—January 19, 2024

Well, it finally happened.

After more than a year of waiting, I can proudly announce that someone finally made fanart of Advent 9.

Real fan art, mind you. Not any of my own experiments trying to get Midjourney to create something resembling fan art. Looks like we won’t be needing you anymore, Midjourney!

“You win this round, Mr. Horne. But next time…NEXT TIME…!”

And before any of you try to make a smart comment about me supplementing my nonexistent fanart with Midjourney entries, ask yourself what else was I possibly going to use this world-changing technology for? Creating art of my friends and family? Starting an illustrated campaign for world peace?


But I have to say, it’s nice that human-made fanart is trickling in. And, honestly, it’s ahead of schedule. I wasn’t expecting any recognition before the big publicity push that is coming with my second book.

So here’s our spotlighted artist of the week.

Introducing Ethan White

He’s one of my followers on Twitter/X, and a talented artist who creates comic-book-style works. His Twitter profile is here and his portfolio is here. And, as practice for the new year, he’s been working on some Advent 9 sequences, based off the first four pages of the book.

That’s all I’ve seen, and it’s a great start. I plan on eventually releasing a graphic novel adaptation of Advent 9, though that is still many years away. I’m flattered that anyone would dedicate their New Year’s Day to making fan art of my stuff. And I can’t wait to see whatever else Ethan cooks up.

And I’m happy that he included a couple of Advent 9’s Hummingbirds in the piece we see here. I love seeing all sorts of artistic takes on them, and Ethan’s ones match tightly with the description found in the book.

I Can’t Tell You the Week I’ve Had

Getting this next book off the ground has got to be one of the hardest experiences of my life. There are so many moving parts I have to manage, and the process is like herding cats.

But the best thing about publishing a book is that when it’s done you have a published book. Forever! And once the effort has been undertaken, little work is needed to keep reaping the rewards—rewards like the amazing fan art that rolls in as you establish yourself as an author. This is the kind of thing that never would have happened if I hadn’t decided to become an author.

Keep your eye on this space. Things are going to get interesting before year’s end.

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