Looking Forward

Some people can put down a long, well-written blog post once a week without fail. Some people consistently find a subject relevant to today’s issues and provide glorious new insight. When I think about trying to become one of these people, it makes me want to quit blogging forever.

So with the new site,  I’m going to focus on saying small things, personal things, and fun things. The subject matter can be serious, sure, but I’m not going to see myself as the one person who changes the course of history by his brave and eloquent blog post. I’m not sure such a person even exists, really, and most blogs are battlefields anyway.



So I want to celebrate that fact. This blog isn’t for saving the world; it’s for talking, in short bursts, about the things that interest us. That’s what I’m looking forward to.



[This week’s tagline: “Where the elite come to bicker and argue about who killed who.”]