Next Stop: Publication

It was a good week for me.

I got a lot of things done. In particular, I finished writing an outline for a book—an extensive outline that leaves me with a pretty complete roadmap for the first draft.

And now that I’ve done that, I can revisit the book I finished in July.

And I am ready to start submitting it for publication.

Actual footage of a first-time author pitching a manuscript to publishers.

This is a notable shifting of gears for me, as it requires me to exercise the smallest bit of diplomacy, marketing, business acumen, and yes—charm.

Please pray for me.

Changes to the Site

In celebration of this new phase of my journey, I am making some minor updates to the site.

If you are reading this at, you will notice that a new category can be found in my site’s header, called “Works in Progress”.

The Works in Progress page contains a little bit of information about upcoming projects, including completion status, target demographic, genre, and even the slightest hints as to what each story is about, though I keep these deliberately vague. Each project is listed under a code designation, as final titles may not be available, and even if they are, the world is not yet ready to receive them (I just hate spoiling a surprise, especially when it’s one of my own).

As progress is made with each project, the details of the page will change, and may even give you clues about how close each project is to publication. And of course you can look forward to any announcements in my regular posts on this blog.

But even if I can’t tell you anything, you can still expect to get posts from me, about writing, about publishing, about science and computing and cryptocurrency and Steemit and movies and shows and all sorts of things.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, until then, I’m open to suggestions.



[This week’s tagline: “Where people come…to watch.”]