Merry Christmas

It’s hard for me to write anything today. I’ve got so many other things lined up.

That said, I don’t feel comfortable saying nothing. I’ve made quite a habit out of posting on Mondays. And there is something that needs saying, today of all days.

The Things We Leave Unsaid

One thing I’ve learned about this holiday is how much of a barrier that can get thrown up as soon as it’s mentioned. And I’m not talking about those times when you’re speaking to people of different faiths or who observe different holidays. I find that there can be a lot of friction between people when all parties involved celebrate Christmas.

Because when I try to talk about it, I’m always looking for a kindred spirit to join in my praise of the holiday and all the fun it brings. But for many people, Christmas is more bittersweet. They spend their holiday wishing they could have the kind of experience I do, and I have no way of just giving them my own feelings about the matter.

But one thing never fails to bridge that gap, and it’s nothing more extraordinary than the words “Merry Christmas.”

Because the phrase itself is polymorphic enough that it can offer something to almost anyone’s situation. To me, it’s little more than an acknowledgement that the Christmas has been merry. But when I say it to others, they always find the best way to apply it to their own situation. It can be a wish for change, a prayer for peace, or a kind of magic spell that fights for them against the wintry landscape they find themselves in.

It doesn’t necessarily improve any of their physical circumstances, but it puts me and them in the same world, in a way that few other words can.

So We Find Ourselves Here Again

I have been extremely blessed this past year. And I find myself in a tough spot because I know not everyone has had such transformative good happen to them since last Christmas. But to everyone who has stayed with me, and borne my incessant cheeriness, I want to say that I own a lot to you. You have made this experience much more exciting, and I was better off for having you here.

But the only thing I can really offer you right now is that same utterance we’ve all heard before. And I hope that, by some miracle, you can understand how much I mean it when I say, “Merry Christmas”.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I’m going to make you all proud during the coming year. I don’t know if we’ll all still be friends at the next turning of the yuletide, but know that you’ve made me so happy right in this moment.

Until next time, stay safe and don’t lose sight of whatever makes you happy. Thank you.


[This week’s tagline: “Where people come…Fum Fum Fum.”]