Sorry in the Utmost

I have been really lazy lately.

Really. Inexcusably. Lately.

And much as I might blame that laziness on the fact that WordPress has updated its interface into a jangly, unwieldy mess, or the fact that the current blog project is really Photoshop heavy, or that I have lots of other stuff going on in my life, there is no denying that I have let you down.

So let me apologize. In the way that I am known to apologize.

Something of Value

For those in the know, whenever I fail to come up with a weekly blog post, I make up for it by drawing attention to something of value I found on the internet—usually something I find hilarious.

And since I have now failed to make consistent weekly posts for…some time now, I feel like I should draw your attention to something I find particularly valuable.

This week’s apology comes in the form of Overly Sarcastic Productions, a YouTube channel that specializes in retellings of classical mythologies and histories, using basic but well drawn animations and a compelling narrative flair.

And the channel’s most popular videos have all revolved around a singular work of mythology, namely Journey to the West. It is a long miniseries, with several videos of content already on offer (and they’re not done yet).

I recommend every video in the set, and will link to them below. Enjoy.