Things Wished For

I am dead tired tonight.

And my idea well is running low this week. Some blog posts present themselves to me weeks in advance, and I work on them little by little until the launch date. But most of my stuff is off the cuff.

So it puts me in a bind during those rare periods when I have no ideas.

But running out of ideas is like running out of sunshine. You’re never out for long, and though not every day brings a robust supply, it always comes (except during those winters above the arctic circle, but thankfully we don’t live there).

Anywho, let’s talk about my wishes for the coming months.

I Wish for Industry People to Read Project A9

Project A9 is ripe for the picking. In the past, I’ve compared having this book to lugging around a bar of gold in public and hoping it gets stolen.

Let’s just say that project A9 is different than all my mother books. With previous books, I’ve spent a lot of time wishing for them to get published. With project A9, I don’t spend any time wishing for it to get published.

I just wish that some publisher bothers to read it. Because as soon as they read it, they will agree to publish it. It’s that good.

And I never imagined it would be so hard to convince someone to read one book, but the world is a crazy place. Still, I can’t deny that the position I’m in is rather good. Project A9 is a boulder perched on the narrowest of cliffs, A faint breeze could be enough to get it rolling.

I Wish to Stop Putting Off Project TF-TP

It’s such a short book that I should be able to finish a second draft in a day. And while I never imagined myself as a picture book author, I realize that this could end up being my most profitable work.

Yet I’m afraid of finishing it.

I don’t know why. I know I’m not afraid of the book failing, since even if it does fail, that doesn’t particularly hurt me. Perhaps I’m afraid of succeeding.

Or maybe I’m just lazy. If I held myself to a schedule, I could get it done in no time.

I Wish to Dedicate Myself more Fully

I only have so many writing hours in the day. Progress is slow. I need to find a way to optimize the time I have.

With several projects going at once, productivity is becoming ever more elusive, but all the projects are worthy of my attention. I want to accomplish quantity work, knowing that quantity leads to quality.

I’m working on a few things in this direction, but I’m hoping for a breakthrough.

That’s Three Wishes

And I won’t bother wishing for anything more. Because everything else, I can tackle through hard work and the talents I already have.

But these three things are going to require luck. In some cases, that luck has to be stupendous. And I am going to need all of it.

In the meantime, all I can do is be patient. Which is a horrid way of doing anything, but other options are limited.

Won’t you join me? It’s not the greatest outlook, but it is also not without hope. And whether we conquer or we die trying, it is a life worth celebrating.

Perhaps this week will bring good news.

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