Netflixing: 3rd Rock from the Sun

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I finally caved and got my own Netflix account.

Aside from bingeing a lot of anime, I’ve also gotten reacquainted with an old love.


I’d like to pine about how they don’t write them like they used to. But, of course, we have tons of good shows going in the current era (The Big Bang Theory, Angie Tribeca, etc.).

That said, rediscovering this show was like a water balloon to the face. I had completely forgotten how funny and insightful it was.

Not only are the lines delivered with a delicious deadpan, but the situational humor is believable in the context that these people are aliens who find themselves flabbergasted by the madness of modern life.

The episode everyone remembers is the Election Day special, which became quite a poignant examination of democracy. Even today, it resonates.

Rewatch it with me, won’t you?


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