Repeating Myself

Sometimes, I wonder if I have anything left to blog about. I have, after all, done such a fabulous job delineating a wide range of subjects, that maybe the only thing left is to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

I’ve covered the most important subject, namely exploiting emotion in writing. I’ve also covered a host of other subjects, from publishing to first lines to story structure to setting.

As far as technical knowledge goes, I’ve got everything it takes to be a writer. I mostly just lack professional experience (but not for lack of trying). And I’ve been able to share and distribute this knowledge in an easy to understand format.

Bound by Commitment

Still, I am committed to keeping this blog fresh and current. I can’t let it fall by the wayside just because I’m getting so huge on Twitter (though I have also blogged about how nice it is to get big on Twitter).

Putting writing samples on the blog seems like the next natural step, but that requires a much larger time commitment than instructional posts, and I’ve got a lot of actual book writing to do.

And as my efforts at publication get more and more off the beaten path, I don’t exactly feel like confessing those deeds publicly is within my best interest.

The one thing I haven’t tried, that I am sure I would be good at, but that I would need a lot of audience cooperation with, is a question-and-answer post format.

It would give me tons of material, and the endorphin rush that comes from actually helping people. But I don’t know how to draw questions out of people, though I assume it can’t be too hard.

What the Future Holds

Honestly, I’m THIS close to posting clickbait articles meant to catch the eye and leave the reader high and dry.

Because that’s where the money is.

So if you see me suddenly spreading celebrity death hoaxes, you will know why.

…But you won’t be able to stop me.

A Ray of Hope?

I am finding more time to be productive, and ways to force myself to buckle down and work.

It’s always a long shot, but the chance to have something to actually sell is always increasing. And if can get that off the ground, I will have a lot more material for this blog. A lot more.

Until then, I’m open to questions.