The End of Edits

I should be done with the first pass of edits on Advent 9 within the coming week.

My editor should be sending me the last chapters of the second pass a few weeks after that. The second pass edits will likely be easier to implement, and take much less time for me to finalize.

After that, I have a submission-ready manuscript.

The Long-held Breath

I had been querying Advent 9 for almost two years before hiring an editor. Luckily for me, that editor decided that the book was particularly meritorious, and decided to give me additional help. But though 2020 has been nearly submission-free, I will have to get back on the horse before long.

One thing I must consider is the Feast of Thanksgiving.

On that day, the publishing world grinds to a halt (at least, as far as submissions are concerned). And it does not kick back into gear until January 1st. That is a long time to sit on a submission-ready manuscript.

But it gives me time to begin work on other projects. I also have quite the reading list that needs finishing.

The Feast of Thanksgiving is also an appropriate holiday for the conclusion of my edits, as it allows me to share gratitude for what has been a phenomenally productive year for me. I can’t promise that my efforts will take me where I wish to go, or even go anywhere, but I am grateful to have something to show for them.

Better than Writing the Book

I can say that the feeling I’m getting, as I approach the end of these edits, is even stronger than the feeling I got when I finished writing the book. That sense of accomplishment is gratifying when you alone know what you have wrought.

But when you have a product which others have approved of, and even publicly praised, that ordinary feeling of satisfaction becomes something magical. It’s like the difference between being gifted a horse and being gifted a unicorn.

As always, I will let you know more about the situation as it develops.

If I seem particularly happy in the meantime, but refuse to say anything about it, you may take that as a good sign.

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