Four O’clock and All is Well

It’s considerably difficult to make updates when all that’s really been happening is “waiting for big news to happen”.

And, if I’m being honest, it feels like I’ve hit my quota of brilliant insights for the year, so I hardly feel obligated to make any more big, instructive blog posts for a while.

I imagine it’s the same for most people, but things are winding down for me right now. Christmas is around the corner, and I am ready for the year to just be done.

A few things, however, are clear.

The Blog is Failing

My readership continues to grow…but not nearly fast enough. When I look at the year-over-year charts of blog hits, I see steady linear growth. But on an absolute scale, the numbers are still pitiful.

Part of the problem is that these are lean times for blogs overall. Nobody wants to take the time to read a complete instructional thought. They only want soundbites that they can give an up-or-down judgment on. The one thing that consistently spikes blog traffic is clickbait titles and images. And, frankly, that’s an arms race with no winners.

The Twitter Growth is Stalling

When growing my Twitter presence, I have encountered a fascinating phenomenon which I call “the law of eights”.

Basically, whenever my follower numbers approached a round number featuring an “8” digit (such as 28000, 38000, etc.) I would encounter slowdowns that would inhibit my crossing that “8” threshold.

Noticing this, I predicted that 80000 followers would be a particularly hard number for me to breach.

I was right.

I’m still listing in that direction. Just very slowly. And I expect that, once I hit 80000 followers, I will see a major landscape shift in my power of influence.

It’s going to be exciting. But right now, it’s a challenge.

Everything Else is Going Pretty Well

I find myself in an enviable position. My manuscript is polished. The other book that I am now returning to is even better than I remember. And I find myself very much in the black.

Anything can happen between now and tomorrow, but things are looking solidly in my favor, for the moment.

I just need to find better ways to share this good news with the world.

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