Exceptionally Sorry

I can’t help but assume that my efforts to make my blog take off would go a lot better if I could put out a quality post each and every week.

That I occasionally find myself failing to fill this mantle is a source of frustration. I’m just as mad about it as you are. Alas, I am too tired to fulfill this obligation tonight.

And so I’m sorry that I don’t have anything to wow you with this week (though I’ve still have quite a back catalog of great stuff for you to peruse).

But fear not. For I have prepared a consolation prize to salve the wound I have opened by denying you a true blog post.

The Forgotten Funny

Whenever I fail to make a new blog post, I am obligated to share with you something funny I found on the internet. This week, we are going with something…vintage.

Permit me to ask a question: do you remember a time when Sesame Street was genuinely funny? As in, funny enough to be watched for its entertainment value. By adults.

Far from the watered down, line toeing, government-approved toddler babysitter it is today, Sesame Street used to serve as entertainment that appealed to people of all ages. So much so that many classic episodes are no longer allowed to be aired on today’s strictly sanitized version of public television.

However, the show’s personal YouTube account is less shy about showcasing classic content. And many segments, including some Jim Henson originals, are available there.

Here’s one that you may have forgotten:

I will see you next week with a full post.

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