My Book is Advent 9

I don’t share.

It’s just never been in my nature, as a private and sovereign individual. And it has its advantages. The world is filled with people who have been burned by tipping their hand too early. Winners tend to play their cards close to their chest.

But this becomes a liability when trying to market a product. And, as it happens, I am an author with a book on submission.

So here’s where I am right now.

Nice to Meet You(r Book)

My book is titled Advent 9. It is a YA superhero science fiction novel of around 120,000 words. It has been professionally edited by an editor with a household name, and who loved the book so much he gave me a free second pass on the manuscript.

While the story has all the action and suspense you would expect from the genre, it is at its heart a book about relationships and neuroses, which an enemies-to-friends character arc and an exploration of what it means to change.

The main hero, Advent 9, basically thinks he is Superman, but comes to realize with dismay that he is actually something closer to the Punisher. And his existence as a punisher may forever prevent him from being the superman he wants to be. But that can’t stop him from wanting it.

This book sees Advent 9 forced into close quarters with some of the people he’s put down over the years. They are not convinced he is anything but a punisher and don’t necessarily want him to be anything better. But when they find out how much he wants to be a superman, it forces them to reexamine their own interpretation of his actions.

The book also highlights this through Advent 9’s foil: a villain who already has Superman-level care for all living things, but who can kill them without hesitation. Caught between them is a girl who can’t help but admire what each of them is trying to do, but who can’t stop either of them from being who they are.

“If They Read It, They will Publish It”

I’ve said this since I finished the book’s first draft, but I say it more strongly now: if they read it they will publish it.

I know this because the professional editor who did read it, loved it. And this editor has been in the business for decades and has no patience for shoddy books.

That’s why every full manuscript request is important to me. Because any literary agent who reads my book to the end will agree to represent it. The time may come where I will be able to monetarily guarantee this.

Though it certainly could turn out to be much easier than that.

The Book is Ready

I am still quite early in the submissions phase. Anything can happen.

But I know this book, Advent 9, is ready. And I feel comfortable staking my life, fortune, and reputation on it.

I’ve considered posting excerpts and other options to continue spreading awareness. I will keep you posted, regardless of other considerations.

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