Settled In

I moved.

This past month, I set up shop in a new town with a new home. I have to say the experience has been a bit of a hassle, despite the excitement that comes with it.

Because of this hassle, I have been derelict in my duty. You have been neglected.

I even let my site’s security certificate lapse (*gasp*) so that every time you visited, you were given a stern warning about how my sight was not “secure”.

What a trying time it must have been for you.

Don’t Cry

But worry not. I have now moved almost all of my stuff to the new house, and I have a good internet connection here, so I have everything I need to keep dishing out secrets.

I also have a renewed commitment to getting published, so I hope to have good news on that front soon. And I am looking into other ways to expand the blog’s influence.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Look for more enlightening content in the coming weeks.


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