It occurs to me that I’ve built quite massive haystack over the last few years.

Between writing my books, hiring an editor, and building a large social media following, I have quite the load of tinder. All it needs now is some kind of spark.

I have spoken before about the power of catalysts, and I have also laid out rules for triggering one. It should be easy enough to make one happen. I just need to do something dangerous and unprecedented.

Choice Paralysis

The problem is determining what kind of dangerous and unprecedented action to take. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the book publishing process, and a lot of that is probably by design. People don’t tell you why they won’t give you a chance, even when you give them every reason to take a chance on you.

Meanwhile, my tinder pile is growing bigger. Just this week, I have taken actions that will make it HIGHLY flammable. But now I am wondering whether it is time to start throwing money around. Or maybe it’s as simple as daring to speak to people on a platform of my choosing.

Either way, I’m just about annoyed enough to stop playing it safe.

We’ll see where this takes me.

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