Kickstarter Incoming

Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are.

I’ve been quite private about my publication plans for a while. I’ve given hints about what directions I have been considering, but I have give you no specifics.I haven’t even explicitly mentioned the name of my editor.

It’s David Farland, by the way. As a bestselling author himself, who has piloted fiction editing programs in modern universities and judges the Writers of the Future contest, I couldn’t ask for a better ally.

And he finally convinced me to self publish.

Doing It My Own Way

Basically, I am in a good position to light my own fire. I have a dynamite manuscript, an experienced and respected editor, and everything else I need to make an explosively successful self-published book.

I’ve got a voice actor in talks to narrate the self-published audiobook, as well. Mostly, all I need now are artists for the cover and interior illustrations (yeah, we’re doing illustrations).

And while I can’t show you anything now, you’re in for a major dump of information, including audio samples, illustrations, and a whole host of details, all made possible through the modern miracle of crowdfunding.

You Will (Probably) Live to See It

I can’t give you an exact date, but the Kickstarter will go live this year. I’ll be talking a lot more about it on my Twitter account, and when it drops I am going to give you a whole slew of artwork.

Such a large amount of content will probably necessitate a change to this website’s look and feel. I’ve been wanting a custom WordPress theme for a while. And now I finally have a reason to get one.

More information will arrive in the coming months. Keep your eyes on this space.

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