The Audiobook is Recorded!

Let it be known that Michael Kramer has finished the primary reading and recording of my audiobook.

Let all lands and people rejoice!

This means that a professional-grade recording of my book now exists, and I am close to having my very first sellable product. It is not quite finished yet. I still have to participate in the beta listen. Final mastering and mixing need to be implemented. But once I have the master audio files there will be no turning back.

Still Searching for an Illustrator

In the meantime, I’ve got to make sure the text version of the book looks as professional as possible. This means that I will be seeking out a professional typesetter to make the text presentable in physical and digital formats.

But before I can do that, I will need to steal a good illustrator. That is my task for this week.

Luckily, there are many talented illustrators online. The exact number of illustrations in the final book will depend on the success of the Kickstarter. I’m hoping for at least seven, with up to an extra 8 slots possible, depending on whether we meet our stretch goals.

Other Possible Perks

I’d like each physical copy of the book to come with an Advent 9-themed bookmark. Though, depending on how expensive it is to make custom bookmarks, this may be a basic reward or a (modest) stretch goal.

The only remaining stretch goal I have planned is an upgrade to the physical edition’s cover, from trade paperback to hard cover. That one may end up being a big stretch goal.

And I’m open to any ideas you might recommend.

Let’s Get this Project Rolling

My late editor, David Farland, had a lot of plans for this book. He offered to use his connections to help me get film and gaming deals once the book was published. I have to do that on my own now. Following the roadmap he left me will be difficult without his long career history and names of people he knew. Regardless, I’m going forward with this endeavor.

Blow on your phone, send me well wishes, and, if you are so inclined, pray for me. I have never done anything like this. But it feels like I am meant to do it anyway.

If you’ve been with me all this time, then thank you. I will try to live up to your expectations.

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