My Time is Up

I’m about to transform into a very different person.

The hour quickly approaches, and is now at the gate, when I turn my book into a business. And when that happens, I will change, mostly due to the introduction of a monetary incentive.

But like all metamorphoses, this one will have been preceeded by a lengthy preparation. You have all been witness to it, though you did not realize it at the time.

My Experiments

Pretty much everything I have done online, for ten years or more, has been in the interest of learning how to influence public opinion. Many of those attempts have been utterly fruitless. Others have yielded mixed results. Some experiments were nakedly apparent. Others were run covertly.

But they will all be put together in earnest once the success of my book is placed on the line. I must admit I am frequently annoyed by people who promote themselves in online forums, but there is a method to the madness when it is done correctly. And I am not so sanctimonious that I will not stoop to advertising, public relations, and even subtle forms of mind control to deliver my work to the broadest possible audience.

This is war, dangit!

And to win it, I’ve got to act as if the fate of nations is on the line.

The Next Step: Formalize the Theory

For years, I’ve been pondering the mechanics of what makes an icon. I can’t pretend that I’ve been diligent in my studies. This has strictly been on the back burner of my mind.

But it has always been on that back burner. Day and night.

And the time has come, finally, to codify and formalize my findings into a guide that myself and others can follow. The time has come to create a universal theory of iconography.

This will become the focus of my blog over the next few weeks. And using it as a guide, and upon consulting my cover artist, I will use these principles to create an icon that encapsulates Advent 9.

And then I will sell it as the face of every copy of the book.

Once I have honed my cover, then the real work of blasting the book into the public consciousness can begin.

I’m Finally Doing It

This will culminate two of the long projects I have been working on for years: my book and my theory of iconetics. It is my hope and belief that both will have a transformative impact on the world.

But even if not, I will be making the biggest splash that is within my power. I will be putting all my resources into this execution. I will not be performing with a safety net.

You will either see me fly or get crushed like a bug on a windshield. Either way, you had better be watching me.

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