Works In Progress

Every great project takes time, and now you can keep track of that time.

The following is a list of my works in progress, with a little bit of information about each one. Enjoy

Codename: S2

Progress: First installment coming this summer. Look for it.

Demographic: Middle Grade.

Genre: Science fiction and fantasy.

Story Hint: A young universe. A sentient starship. An antagonistic narrator.

Codename: TF-TP

Progess: First draft finished. Set aside for cooldown period.

Demographic: Children’s picture book.

Genre: Fantasy.

Story Hint: A life lesson about entrepreneurship, true love, and goblin fashion.

Codename: TGToA

Progress: I have an idea. In my head.

Demographic: Children’s picture book.

Genre: Fantasy (Magical Realism? Fantasy Realism?)

Story Hint: A parable about money.

Codename: Affinity

Progress: Copious notes taken from a state of hyper-consciousness.

Demographic: Young Adult (probably).

Genre: Fantasy.

Story Hint: You never really leave a place. Or perhaps it never really leaves you.

Codename: TD

Progress: Outline completed. Novella-length story.

Demographic: YA.

Genre: Science fiction.

Story Hint: “One thing I know: I. Hunt. Life.”

And here are a few works on the back burner.

Codename: TE

Progress: Outline completed.

Demographic: YA.

Genre: Lighthearted paranormal.

Story Hint: These girls just want to make a little spending money, and exorcising ghosts is lucrative business.

Codename: PoTNM

Progress: Partial outline.

Demographic: YA.

Genre: Paranormal fantasy.

Story Hint: This isn’t his first rodeo. But it is his first time fighting ninjas.

Codename: CotPW

Progress: Nebulous. Will be great eventually, but is only a few abstract ideas right now.

Demographic: Undetermined as yet.

Genre: Science fiction love story.

Story Hint: She wants world peace, and will kill any number of people to get it.