Greatest Hits

Unlike your parents, I don’t love all my blog posts the same. Some are just ways to keep myself from going crazy for the next week. Some are trite but well intentioned. And some have the seeds of brilliance in them, but are undeveloped.

But then there are those few posts where the magic happens, and no one is more surprised than I am at how awesome they turned out.

So, to keep track of them (and I still haven’t found them all) this page exists. These are my greatest hits, and they are sure to get the job done when all other blog posts let you down.

The Hits

How Barnes and Noble could Get Its Groove Back

Why Superman Returns is the Best Superman Movie

Where have all the Cowboys Gone?

The Last Motivational Speech

The Chess Master

The Cheater, the Idiot, and the Hypocrite

Crowns of the Gods