Help is Other People

There’s no getting around the fact that writing is a largely solitary art. There are exceptions, of course. Writing TV shows being the most notable. And the bookmill industry sometimes […]


Hand. Writing.

When building a blog, you quickly come to realize that your chosen subject has many facets. Some facets are big and paradigm-changing. Some facets are small but still pertinentĀ because they […]


You have my Apologies

The blog is back up. Some readers might not even have realized it was down. It was, for about two days. šŸ™ The reasons for this are complicated. After my […]


Letā€™s Drop What We Were Doing and Talk about Captain America: Civil War

Well, I watchedĀ Captain America: Civil War last saturday. So instead of blogging about whatever I was going to blog about, I am going to blog about that. No spoilers. I […]



Becoming a writer has been an eye opening experience for me, in many ways. I never appreciated all the work that went into writing a book until I actually did […]


Getting Ready

Short post this week. I have been thinking more about how one could theoretically automate the process of writing a book. A Model Based on 3D Exploration Computer graphics has […]


Can a Robot Write a Book?

Gotta get this next chapter written before my batteries run out. And my laptopā€™s almost out of power, too. Welcome backĀ to Mr. Horneā€™s Book of Secrets.Ā Our subject today is a […]