Fear and Tremble, for It Is at the Gate

Sep 11, 2023 | Business, Lifestyle, Me, Writing

I am almost done.

And I’ll be the first to admit I’m late. I wanted to be done in March. Yet it is safe to say that in the coming week I will win my prize. Seven days from now, I will have done what George R. R. Martin can no longer do:

Finish a book.

The Next Big Thing

The golden rule of book marketing is that the more books an author has, the less he has to market each of them.

This works because every book in an author’s arsenal works as an advertisement for all his other books. If you like one Agatha Christie mystery, you’re likely to enjoy most of the others, regardless of where you fall on the Poirot/Marple divide.

This is why I consider it necessary to always be hustling toward the next publication. Big-ticket authors with 50 books under their belt may have the leisure of going a year without putting out a new volume, but that doesn’t work for fresh faces getting their start in this business.

Which is why, fresh off the heels of my fiery and thought-provoking debut, Advent 9, I have burned the midnight oil to bring the world my next multi-book endeavor, currently codenamed “Project S²”.

Concept Art by Midjourney

Now, I have to confess that writing speed has previously not been one of my strengths. It took ten years for me to get Advent 9 to market, though a lot of that time was wasted with me second guessing myself and being too afraid to take the next step. I appeased these fears by making only token progress here and there, as if to assure my pessimism that I was humble enough not to take my crazy dream seriously.

Boy, am I glad that’s over.

It took a lot of determination, and me getting my hypnotist certification, to develop the skills to push my brain to make the necessary output, but I finally managed to start flying through the chapters, creating some excellent scenes in the process.

And now, less than a year after Advent 9 hit the shelves, I will be ready to start the publication process on Project S², bringing it to the public consciousness.

And it is going to be a DOOZY.

Breaking All Expectations

Now I’m going to tell you a secret: the quality of Project S² is staggering.

You won’t believe how delicious this book is. A lot of people were caught off guard by how well Advent 9 turned out. Those people have not seen anything yet. With this book, I am going to establish myself as a book-writing powerhouse.

And, unlike Advent 9, I am going into this publication cycle knowing how the game is played. With that book, I was already writing at a professional level, but my marketing and promotion game still languished. The blessing of hindsight has allowed me to know where I went wrong, and my understanding has leveled up in the interim.

So, not only will I employ the same quality controls here that I used for Advent 9—hiring professional cover artist, book designer, illustrator, audiobook narrator, and printing services—but I will also acquire a professional publicist to get the word out about this amazing addition to the literary landscape. I plan on being booked solid with public (if remote) appearances to talk about how this book breaks molds and needs to be read by everyone under the sun.

The time has come to make the biggest imaginable splash.

How Long Until the Book Birthday?

I would love to give this book a May 2024 release date. And if that is at all possible, I will do my utmost to get it there.

That said, I have learned from sad experience that the publication process is often filled with roadblocks. On paper, I could easily make the May 2024 release date, but the best laid plans of mice and men often go up in flames.

Complicating the matter further, I also intend to release Project S²’s sequel in the same year. This is also possible on paper, if I maintain my current writing pace and can get all the other parties on board and on schedule.

Yet I can make no promises. I request your patience—especially those of you who eagerly await the sequel to Advent 9, which should be available sometime in 2025, come rain or shine. Though the publication process finds many ways to prolong itself, the writing process is still the longest bottleneck, and I’ve nearly got that mastered to where I can produce two manuscripts a year. I can’t predict how much faster my publishing schedule will get, but I can promise it will get faster.

I want to give you multiple books every year. Because how else can I become your favorite author?

And while I’ve taken this moment to temper your hopes, don’t make the mistake of thinking I don’t want you to have them. By all means, get hyped.

We’re going places.

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