Hooked on a Feeling—Table of Contents

Dec 31, 2016 | Hooked on a Feeling

This year, I set about to create my first miniseries on this blog. The result was Hooked on a Feeling, and in-depth and introspective look at emotions as a kind of toolbox for writing.

With the seventh installment, the series was finished, rounding out the experiment, and the year, together.

But I am so proud of what I accomplished with this miniseries that I have decided to keep referencing it in the future. You’ll see me bring it up now and then in future blog posts.

So it makes sense to keep a table of contents for the series here. Without further ado, I present Hooked on a Feeling, the reference list:

Feeling #1: Inspiration

Feeling #2: Fear

Feeling #3: Hate

Feeling #4: Love

Feeling #5: Mirth

Feeling #6: Hope and Despair

Feeling #7: Anger

One day, if I ever become a respected enough author that people want to come to me for advice, I may consider turning this series into a book of its own, with additional features and revised chapters (and I’ll probably have to get someone to do original artwork). Until then, the chapters can be perused here.

Thanks for reading.