Selling Out

Mar 8, 2021 | Business, Me, Technology

This week, I finally got around to shedding all pretense of artistic integrity.

For years, I have been applying to Google’s Adsense program, in the hopes that I could begin making a profit off my blog. And for years I have endured rejection after rejection, first because my site “didn’t have enough words” (it had over a million words of content even back then) and later because of “scraped content”, which was Google’s way of saying I shouldn’t have put my Netflix reviews on my own website AND my Steemit blog.

Frankly, I’d given up on ever being approved. Last week, I saw the Adsense submission button in my Google Site Kit, and I thought, “Maybe once more, for old times’ sake”.

I was floored when I got the acceptance email.

Sick of these Ads, Yet?

As of March 1st, Mr. Horne’s Book of Secrets is now making me money, to the tune of a few dollars a day.

That’s right: I sold out.

And you know what that means: no longer will I write anything that challenges the status quo. Gone are the days when I would espouse radical ideas, advocate extreme positions, question conventional wisdom, or broach the unthinkable.

Because my new sponsors would have a tizzy if they knew the kinds of things I’d written about in the past.

What Enticed Me

Going forward, it behooves me to only write about nice and non-contentious topics.

Perhaps this shall become a nice food blog, or a collection of wedding pictures, or an online shop for fursuit enthusiasts,

And while this means I shall no longer dispense samples from my vast and dangerous collection of secrets, I believe we can all agree this new approach is better, since it will give me enough capital to keep the lights on, pay the blog’s expenses, and maybe even do fun things like have giveaways.

Stay tuned for more information.

How will this Affect the Blog?

If the blog becomes profitable enough, I may be incentivized to make some improvements. I might make enough, after a few months, to buy a custom/premium WordPress theme. I may start blogging more than once a week. And I may seek other ways to expand the blog’s prestige.

And if a publishing opportunity comes my way during that period, it may lead to even greater things.

So you have my apologies for the ads crowding out my posts, popping up in inconvenient places. I will try to make up for it by having content that is delicious to read.

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