Sorry to the Max

Oct 12, 2020 | TV

At sundry times and seasons, coming up with new material for the blog becomes a tall order. And this autumn has been more “wait and see” than perhaps any other time in my life. My patience has never been tested like this.

Sadly, I find myself without anything concrete to blog about this week, sorry.

The Silver Lining

However, those of you familiar with the Book of Secrets will also be aware of a longstanding tradition: if I fail to present a meaningful and original blog post, I must instead draw your attention to something funny I found on the internet.

And this time around, my discovery is a doozy…if you are a fan of a particular franchise.

Return of the Belly Laughs

“Funny” is a funny term. Not just in the tautological sense, but also in the “needs further explanation” sense.

Because a lot of things that technically qualify as “humor” do not elicit audible laughter. There are a number of entertaining works I consider “funny” even though I don’t regularly laugh at them.

Today’s selection is NOT one of these.

I am pleased to announce that today’s featured funny thing on the internet elicits the kind of bubble-bursting laughter that makes my neighbors come knocking on my door.

I can’t promise it will elicit the same reaction from you, however. Mostly, this parody series is aimed at people who have experience with the Yu-Gi-Oh series of card games and anime. But while I have only the barest exposure to these properties, I still found these parodies to be immensely entertaining.

My recommendation this week is called “Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series”, created by YouTuber “Little Kuriboh”. I recommend the entire series, bearing in mind that it is not afraid to delve into seriously raunchy humor. Yet if you’re the kind of person who enjoys collectible card games, anime, or nerd culture in general, you’ll likely get a kick out of these videos.

Samples from the series: