Super Tired. Have a Video.

Nov 5, 2018 | Me


So very very sorry.

Sleepy and Weak

I was having dinner at my sister’s house, and her three daughters were present. The eldest daughter was trying to convince the younger one to go on a snipe hunt at girls’ camp. And I felt obligated to tell the poor girl the truth about snipe hunts.

But that only upset the middle daughter, who was looking forward to going snipe hunting.

And then the youngest daughter was unhappy, because she was only a few years away from going on her first snipe hunt.

And then I was asked to leave, for being too controversial.

And now I am far too tired to put out a proper blog post.

But Fear Not

In accordance with the ancient rites that bind this blog and allow its continued existence in the Material Plane, I must now refer you to something funny I found online.

This video is an old one, but I only recently discovered it. Please enjoy.

Thank you for your continued support.