The Next Step: 20,000 Followers

Jul 15, 2019 | Business, Me

I’m back.

And as much as I enjoy vacationing, the itch to get back to work was palpable in the final days of my week abroad. I know full well that nothing is going to get done while I’m relaxing poolside or stuffing my face. And there is much that needs attending.

To begin with, a status update.

Status: Slightly Behind Schedule

I knew I would never replicate the smashing success that was the first three months of 2019. I decupled my Twitter followers and drove massive new traffic to my blog, all the while plotting on how to make a bigger name for myself.

But, thanks to shenanigans on the part of Twitter, I am not on track to reach my professional benchmark of 100,000 followers this year. And my backup benchmark of 50,000 followers is also delayed.

But not by much. I have managed to wrestle with Twitter’s algorithms (which increasingly seem tailored to prevent non-celebrities from obtaining status on the site) to the point where I can still get healthy follower inflow.

And now I am within a stone’s throw of another number which may prove pivotal.

That number is 20,000.

And it is important because it advances my Twitter account from the hobbyist bracket to the professional level. Most agents (including noteworthy and successful ones) have far fewer than 20,000 followers. The same goes for editors. And even many published authors have not reached those heights.

What does 20,000 Followers get You?

Let’s start with what it doesn’t get you: an instant in.

But if 100,000 followers is enough to clinch publication, and 50,000 is enough to guarantee you an agent, 20,000 is enough to get people’s attention. And I only need their attention long enough for me to prove myself.

Because while a 20,000 followers is not, by itself, a ticket in, a 20,000-follower account that is helpful to the right people is going to get noticed.

A 20,000-follower account is a good amplifier, especially to the smaller fishes in the Twitter ocean. And I don’t mind being a magnanimous magnifier, especially to someone looking for a friendly voice among the cacophony. I know my services can be of use to someone—someone who may be at the top of their own field, but who has not mastered the Mercurial art of social media.

And if I can generate name recognition, through good communication, then that 20,000 looks a lot more impressive than it would on its own.

So What Changes for You at 20,000 Followers?

One word: targeting.

Right now, my Twitter is focused on driving engagement with everyone. Once I have 20,000 followers, you are going to see a shift.

You’re going to start seeing me throwing most of my tweets in one direction: at the heart of the publishing industry.

Anything I can do to Help?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already following me. Which is a shame, because what I really need are more followers.

But any kind of engagement helps. Likes, replies, and particularly retweets help to raise my profile. They make all the difference, and I am grateful for every one.

Barring that, the one helpful thing you can do…is watch.

Watch me make my debut (it’s not like you’ll get another chance). Watch me succeed. Learn from my rise, and, if possible, reverse engineer it for your own ends. I don’t know if it’s going to be all as nicely packaged as I’m proposing, but with the growth I’m seeing I have to assume that something big is about to happen.

You’ll want to see it when it happens.